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Cleansing existing Databases

In many cases, databases are neglected to the point of large sections of data being un-usable for marketing purposes. JLS can offer you full data cleansing facilities, with a choice of electronic cleansing or full telephone cleansing. 

Both options will improve address quality (PAF validation) thus reducing wasted mailing costs, suppression file checks to ensure you are compliant with legislation (TPS, MPS, Gone Away, Bereavement), telephone number appending to help source contact missing contact details, and de-duplication of records.

Our minimum volume is around 250 and we can handle any volumes with the correct planning. JLS have a particular niche in that we often combine all elements of our services to provide clients with a “One stop shop” for all of their direct marketing requirements.

Data Building

Sometimes eventualities arise where your current data is not enough. JLS are able to provide clients with various levels of data building services. This can range from supplying lists of prospects to telephone calling potential prospects to ascertain if they are a 'hot' prospect. This data can then be transferred back to you for future contacts or to be added to an existing database.